Interracial twink fun provides plenty of hard cock & yields a whole cascade of jizz!

May 2nd, 2014

There was a time – before either Tyler Dee or Ethan White were born – when the very idea of a seeing an interracial gay coupling would almost have been sufficient to cause a civil disturbance. In these relaxed times however no-one seems to give a fuck – except of course for the guys themselves who in this instance are a pair of cute not to mention extremely horny youngsters with one thing on their mind and one thing only!

As such it’s no real surprise that Dee has soon taken the opportunity to pull White’s hairless dick from his pants slurping on the white boy’s handsome ramrod for all it’s worth. Clearly unwilling to be outdone however White is soon returning the favour – revealing in the process how Dee’s meaty black dick is just as cleanly shaved as his own. But the main action doesn’t really begin until Dee finally gives into temptation and plonks himself down on White’s swollen shaft riding every inch of hard flesh for all he’s worth. From that point on it’s pretty obvious that Dee’s a boy who lives for dick taking his mate’s poker in a whole series of positions and very clearly loving every single second of it!

It’s no big wonder therefore when the barrage of excitement proves all too much for Dee who promptly proceeds to squirt a fabulous flood of hot jizz over his own belly whilst his ass continues to be poked unmercifully! All that remains to be done from that point on is for White to pump his own wad – which he does all over Dee’s chest – and the shoot’s a wrap. Leaving two happy boys and (no question) an audience longing for more!

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Hot Gay Teen Threesome

March 2nd, 2014

The cute gay thinks having a hard gang bang!

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Three Pointer: Simon Archer Takes a Long Shot

July 15th, 2013

Sweet tattooed basketball player jerks off solo.

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Soft sofa love-in turns into a hard raw twink-hole fucking

July 15th, 2013

Everyone’s favourite Brit-boy, Kai Alexander, has always been a bit of a softy at heart – although not, it’s worth noting, where his dick’s involved! – so it comes as no surprise that we should catch him here, cuddled up on the sofa with Jesse Magowan. Why, the two of them almost look like the perfect picture of sweet innocence, and would continue to do so were it not for the fact that their tender smooching quickly develops into something decidedly more hardcore. The blame for that, it has to be said, lies squarely on Alexander’s shoulders.

He just can’t resist fondling his pal’s crotch, and before you know it he’s slurping up and down the meaty dick that he discovers inside Magowan’s pants. What’s more, it’s a compliment that’s eagerly returned; and before you know it relations between these two lads have so intensified that Alexander is straddled across his mate’s body and is pumping his cute little ass up and down that beautifully raw cock of Magowen’s.

A dick that’s soon fucking Alexander’s ass in a variety of positions – much to the young bottom’s clear pleasure. Little wonder that the randy cock-whore is soon blasting a thick wad all over his belly; before Magowen completes proceedings by unburdening his balls over Alexander’s face.

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Young Kurt Maddox gets two cocks for the price of one

June 28th, 2013

All young Kurt Maddox wanted was a quiet rest, but were STAXUS favourites John Parker and Justin Conway about to grant his wish? Not friggin’ likely. As is always the case with these two lads, they’re as horny as fuck and don’t so much as think twice when they find Maddox asleep on his bed. Before the youngster really knows what’s happening he’s got two hard dicks trying to thrust their way down his throat – a turn of events that doesn’t actually seem to bother the lad too much.

Indeed, soon all three boys are taking it in turn to feast on each other’s cocks; and it’s perhaps little surprise that it’s not too long before Maddox is being crudely spit-roasted for our entertainment. If the sight of hunky Parker pounding away at the boy’s ass whilst blond-lad Conway ploughs the fellow’s mouth doesn’t do it for you then maybe you need to reconsider your appetite for porn; but as if to give viewers a chance of re-evaluation it’s not long before the two tops have exchanged places and it’s Conway who’s feeling Maddox’s ass around his cock.

Matters reach a whole new level when both tops decide to fuck their pal simultaneously, signalling the start of a superb double-penetration escapade that’ll have you jerking off like crazy. By the time the two studs have spewed all over Maddox’s face and chest, chances are you’ll be totally drained!

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Nick Stuart Fucks Liam Corolla

June 18th, 2013

Nick Stuart has been really busy studying for a while, but we were glad to get him back for more action with Liam Corolla!

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Darius Suave Fucks Kellan Lane

June 17th, 2013

Darius and Kellan start of passionately in this fuck vid.

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